treat me nice

 Minimalist at heart, but my god, I love a treat. It's knowing you wanted to sweep me off my feet that does it.


I've put together a small gifting guide of things that would make me smile. I'm just like any girlfriend when getting a present: totally besotted. Special gestures make for special memories.

Thank you so much.

gift cards may be sent to:

To admire me from afar:

-Amazon     -Etsy    -Jackson's Art Supplies 


-Rock + Run Climbing Gear


-Halara Activewear     -AIRE Ancient Baths

-AREYOUAMI     -Arcteryx

To surprise me on our date: 

Help me enjoy my music better with AirPods Max in Silver

Keep the pep in my step with Valentino Sandals in size 39.5 or these gorgeous Weitzman Sandals in black or beige.

For the cooler than cool gifter: Sumo Merch, pink flowers, quality milk chocolate, exotic fruits, and natural wine.

Currently in need of a restock/wine I want to try:


Domaine St Cyr - La Galoche Beaujolais Rosé 

Field Recordings - Skins

Bianka & Daniel Schmitt - Wild Pony
Jean Yves Peron - Côtillon des Dames