Couples: + 50% total booking fee​

In-date extensions: + $1000ph (subject to availability)

*This package involves approx 4 hours social time/activities 

** - a minimum of 6 hours sleep a night + 2 meal times

*** a minimum of 6 hours sleep a night +1 hour personal time + 3 meals a day 

Please consider that travel costs may be added at my discretion, depending on your location, and that these are to be paid in addition to and alongside the deposit. The rates above are non-negotiable and for my time and friendly company only.

Play Dates

1/1.5/2/3 hours


The Girlfriend Date*

up to 6 hours


Sleepover or Day Trip**

up to 14 hours


Full Day​***

up to 24 hours



up to 48 hours

$10 000

I planned on this being a one-off but I've already decided I'd like your company again. I suspect whatever we do will be great, as we'll be the ones doing it. 

 - "TOM"