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How do I get to meet you?

Simply introduce yourself. Fill out my booking form and make sure you include all the requested information. I screen not just for safety and peace of mind (imagine accidentally booking a colleague or family friend - yikes!) but also chemistry. I'll respond if I feel we could be a match with a couple of questions to confirm your identity and finalise the deposit, and then we can both breathe a sigh of relief as we begin planning our adventure. 

Showing me you've read my site, and following the general etiquette listed here, is the recipe for a successful introduction.

How do I bring you to me?

Be prepared to propose a solid time-frame/itinerary, and readily factor in travel costs to your deposit. Flights over 4 hours are to be Business or First Class. Once you have secured a place in my calendar, we can collaborate on creating the perfect trip. A 4-6 hour date is the minimum for a TMTY or FMTY.

Can someone join us?

If you'd like to book me and another companion for a duo date, get in touch. I can suggest who I think may be a match but I am always happy to get to know new friends. The decided etiquette is to rate-match to the highest contribution.

Send me on a date with her first - sponsoring a pre-date coffee or drinks for your desired duo partners is the perfect way to ensure chemistry (and get to the fun stuff a little quicker).

What will our time together look like?

I'll let you in on a secret: we can do whatever we want. From the circus to the spa. If you're a little unsure (perhaps it's your first time!) let me know: I can whip up the dream itinerary like nobody's business. I love the people that are eager to make totally unique memories with me.


I'm a doting and affectionate girlfriend, a sucker for hand-holding and stolen kisses, and want us both to feel totally loved up during the time we share. I love safe play and so should you: to protect each other is to respect each other.

Ultimately, I want to get to know you in a way that feels unfiltered and genuine. Warming up to one another over a meal is a great place to begin. My hope is that you feel empowered by the level of trust and friendship that develops, leaving us breathlessly anticipating the next experience time after time.

 First dates that only take a couple of emails to set up typically end up being the best of the best!

What do I do?

All you need to do for me is to come as you are. I'm excited to uncover what makes you, you. For a date to begin smoothly know that any cash consideration is to be passed to me swiftly upon meeting in an unsealed envelope: best delivered discreetly placed within a gift bag, or better yet: a new book for me to read. Then we relax, and fall head over heels for each other.

What is your cancellation and deposit policy?

Life happens! As I have dedicated time out of my itinerary for our date, deposits are non-refundable (with the rare exception that I am the cancelling party). Your deposit can be put toward a re-scheduled meeting, at my discretion. I accept deposits of 20% (50% for dates 15 hours and over). Deposits may be paid via bank transfer or WISE.

May I review you?

Whilst I welcome courteous testimonials I could personally never kiss and tell. The honest answer is that I find the content of review boards rather inelegant. I prefer to maintain mutual discretion regarding our most private moments as a sign of respect. Each experience is bespoke. You will find my social media pages and website to provide an accurate depiction of how I conduct myself.

My rates are skewed in favour of delicious longer dates.

Who will you see?

I am bisexual and open to all gender identities and sexualities. Couples are also welcome. I feel it should go without saying that I enjoy partners from all ethnicities and cultures and with a variety of accessibility needs. Please communicate any necessary accommodations when getting in touch. Allergies too, while we're at it! 

Quick Stats

 I stand 5'2-and-a-bit or 161cm. I'm a size 6.5-7 UK shoe. I embrace my body hair. 

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